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    I grew up on the west coast of California with the Sons of Italy, at the end of an era, commercial Sardine fishing was past its heyday. John Steinbeck was writing about Cannery Row, Of Mice and Men and Tortilla Flats. My Grandfather was the Village Blacksmith and I always marveled in how he moved the iron from a seemingly lifeless object, into some lovely useful object of art.

    My Hobbies

    When I retired from the Design and Engineering industry I began to pursue my hobby in earnest pounding out objects of art from lifeless bits of steel. In the process of taking classes to improve my skills, one classes was of how to forge the traditional Puukko knife. I spent several years between making this style of knife from time to time. Then I moved from the midwest back out to the coast and making knives 3 days a week

    My Favorite Things

    I love gardening, camping and fishing, traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail and making damascus knives from scratch.  My spouse and I travel back to our lake cabin in Minnesota for the summer where we enjoy our time together boating and fishing, barbecuing, growing a vegetable garden and just relaxing. I have a small shop at the cabin where I make a few things for the local art  gallery.

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